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Connective Tissues

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Goblet cells:
location- within columnar epithelium and pseudostratified columnar epithelium.
function- secretion of mucus.

Glial Cells:
Location- in nervous tissue
function- support and to clean up the cells

White blood cells:
location- blood
function- protect body from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Red blood Cells:
location- blood
function- transport oxygen

Pseudostratified Columnar Epithelium:

-function is secretions and movement
-location is in the lining of the respiratory tract.


-function- it depends on which type of blood cells:
White blood cells- protect the cell
Plasma cells -create antibodies (latch onto foreign proteins that may be harmful and send out a signal to kill them)
Mast cells- inflammation (swelling to heal areas of injury)
Macrophages- phagocytosis (large particles are enveloped in a cell membrane of a larger cell and then stored there and the cell has formed into a food vacuole).
Red blood cells- carry oxygen
Plasma- fluid

Dense Regular Connective Tissues

function- binds muscles and bones
location- in tendons (part connecting bone to bone with dense regular connective tissue) and ligaments (joints connecting bone to bone)

Epithelial tissue include:

-Pseudostratified Columnar Epithelium (mentioned above)
-Simple squamous epithelium
-Simple cuboidial epithelium
-Simple columnar epithelium
-Stratified squamous epithelium

Meanings of Functions:

-filtration-trap unwanted particles from reaching underlying tissue.
-protection- keeps from physical and chemical injury, and from invasion by micro-organisms.
-absorption- the taking in of nutrients for underlying tissues.
-secretion- production and release of materials from glands.

Source of "Meanings of Functions":

--Simple Squamous epithelium- 


  • secretion, diffusion, & filtration
Location- air sacs of lungs, wall of capillaries, and lines of body cavities

--Simple Cuboidal epithelium- 


  • secretion & absorption
Location- kidney tubules and surface of ovaries, adrenal gland

--Simple Columnar epithelium- 


  • absorption (of nutrients) & secretion (of enzymes and mucus)
Location- digestive tract & gallbladder

--Stratified Squamous epithelium- 


  • protection
Location- skin, lines of mouth, lines of esophagus

Connective Tissues

I. Loose
    A. Areolar
    B. Adipose
II. Cartilage
    A. Hyaline Cartilage
    B. Elastic Cartilage
III. Bone
IV. Blood (Mentioned Above)


Areolar tissue:

  • wrap/ cushion organs
Location- surrounds capillaries

Sorry guys, I messed up this video. I was so nervous and tired! Not a good mix. 

Adipose tissue:

  • insulates, stores energy, protects organs
Location- under skin, wraps kidneys and eyeballs


Hyaline cartilage:

  • protects, supports, &provides framework
Location- nose, ends of bones, &rings of trachea

Elastic cartilage:

  • maintain shape
Location- external ear


  • supports/provides framework, protects, & stores calcium.
Location- rib, humerus, & femur

Nervous Tissue

  • transmit impulses
Location- brain & spinal cord

Muscle Tissue

I. Skeletal
II. Cardiac
III. Smooth

Skeletal Muscle

  • movement
Location- bicep brachi, diaphragm

Smooth Muscle

  • propels content
Location-digestive tract, blood vessels, and uterus

Cardiac Muscle

  • pumps blood
Location- heart

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